Jude Swing Udueni   Ebby Udueni Drenthe    

Is a beautiful collaboration between these two great talents and passionate artists; Jude Udueni and Ebby Udueni Drenthe aka Miss Autumn Leaves. They will give short video, unplugged music sessions, where they will bring you back to the old school and traditional gospel, hymns and several styles, versus a brand new original gospel song with the same intention and lyrics. Every session will be unique, filled with love, power and spiritual energy, inspired by the fruits of Holy Spirit. Two songs will be revealed, rehearsed, compared, explored and performed live for you once a month. Come and experience the joy and beauty, which they will bring you, by performing the story of their chosen songs by heart. You are also welcome to attend their live "JUED SWING SESSIONS" soon in the theaters near you, where you will have the opportunity to jam with Jude & Ebby  Udueni Drenthe.


















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